Christian Poems
Inspiring Spiritual Poems For You to Share

Share Christian poems and share in the blessings. Have you ever noticed that when you share something inspirational or a word of encouragement, you actually get more in return than what you gave!

It's the Law of Reciprocity -- When you give of yourself, it always comes back to bless you, sometimes double or triple what you gave.

Well, Best Friend Sisters, if that is true, then we would be much happier women if we gave encouragement and inspiration away, especially to our friends.

I hope these poems inspire you! And feel free to Give them Away!

My Presence Awaits You

Bring your problems into My Presence.

I'm here, loving you, for sure.

Bring your sins and lay them at the cross;

My Forgiveness makes you pure.

Bring your doubts into My Presence.

I will answer what you ask. 

Bring your prayers to my altar;

Giving Myself is a lovely task.

Bring your weariness into My Presence.

I provide Solace -- needed rest.

Bring your tired mind and spirit;

Healing souls is what I do best.

Bring yourself into My Presence.

You need quiet time, a quiet place.

Above all, bring your listening heart

To receive my Glorious Grace!

Stay in the Light of My Presence.

With My Peace, I set you free

To receive all I would love to give

As you put your trust in Me.


                                                     Elaine Kennelly

                              Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved

You Are My Sunshine, Papa!

You are my Song every morning;
You're my Stamina during the day.
You are my Shield to protect me;
You're my Strength along the way.

You are my Sunshine, Heavenly Father
You are my Sunshine, Jesus Christ
You're my Sunshine, Holy Spirit
You're the Brightest of the Bright.

You are Security: "In God We Trust"
You're my Savior -- Daily Grace.
You're Stability for my busy life;
You're the Smile on my face.

You are my Sunshine, Heavenly Father
You are my Sunshine, Jesus Christ
You're my Sunshine, Holy Spirit
You're the Brightest of the Bright.

You're my Salvation, I'm set free.
You are my Shelter in the storm;
You Satisfy my longing Soul,
And Then....You Take Me Home.

Forever we will worship you
Forever we will praise
Forever we will love you
And our hearts to you we'll raise!

Elaine Kennelly

Inspirational Poems
Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved

The Potter and Me

My God, the Potter takes the clay

Thrusting it on the wheel.

It's just a clod of mud and earth,

For most, there's not much appeal.

Ah-h, but to the Potter, that lump of clay

Has potential and a future of worth.

For God sees not the deadened dirt,

He sees a child to be given birth.

My Father takes the clay into His Hands,

Molds and shapes it to His desire.

He makes the clay obedient to become

His child, His Spirit to acquire.

The vessel that my Father makes

Is me -- of infinite worth.

I am the Potter's beautiful child,

One of His favorites upon the earth.

I am designed by God, made for Him

To live the path created for me.

He made me into the vessel He chose

To accomplish His goal purposefully.

When I gripe, complain, and resist His desires,

His path seems too difficult, and I fail.

I need to surrender my life to His path,

Then His purpose for me will prevail.

The clay cannot say to the Creator,

"Make me different. I don't want Your choice."

As His vessel, I surrender my will each day,

Then in God's success I rejoice.

Elaine Kennelly

Copyright Elaine Kennelly 2012 All Rights Reserved

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