Positive Affirmations
Your Formula for Success!

Dear Best Friend Sisters,

I love to write positive affirmations! Whatever the need, a well-thought-out progression of encouraging words seems to bring me great pleasure.

In This Section You'll Find:

For the past two years, I have been writing positive affirmations and reading them daily and, of course, in that time, you also memorize them.

Something Sisters, that is the key to being successful with Christian affirmations or motivational affirmations, or weight-loss affirmations, whatever you want to talk to yourself about!

After all, that's what an affirmation is - - it's your self-talk. What I say to myself during the day matters! Even the Bible says that we are to have "the mind of Christ."

Why reading affirmations every day is easy:

  • Affirmations do not take much time every day. You can squeeze your reading time into a few minutes throughout the day.

  • After awhile, you memorize them. They become the way you automatically think. That is your goal: to think positively.

Our age group is ON THE MOVE! Here are FACTS, with words of affirmation for us all:

  • Affirmation # 1 -- You are changing the picture of what an over 50 woman, even an over 60 woman looks like -- your hair is not gray and your face is not totally wrinkle-free, but you have a vibrancy and a bounce to your step.

  • Affirmation #2 -- You are good at taking care of herself through healthy eating habits and planned exercise.

  • Affirmation #3 -- You speak confidently, understanding that the sheer numbers of our age group bring POWER to our minds, to the marketplace and even to our marriages.

  • Affirmation #4 -- In fact, it has been reported by Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn, Ph.D. in their book BOOM, that 7 out of 10 Boomer age women feel a lot younger than their actual age.

You, my precious Something Sisters, need to take time for yourself, and not feel guilty about it. For me, the most remarkable change in my thinking has been this most positive affirmation, "Who Deserves This More Than Me?"

Not in buying things, like shoes or jewelry, but "Who deserves to have good nutrition, healthy skin, confidence, rest, relaxation, retirement, travel more than me?" NO ONE.

The new 50+ Best Friend Sister IS going to the spa, eating healthier, exercising more and making choices for her wellness, both emotional and physical. These positive actions cause her additional affirmation.

She has pride in her appearance. She adds a fashion touch to her wardrobe and as Something Sisters, we are embracing these changes TOGETHER.

We are a powerful group! Now that's a Positive Affirmation!

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