Wellness: Women's Health

What God says about your body

Health and wellness, diet and exercise have always been and still are very closely related, especially for women.

We all have been specifically blessed with a body uniquely designed by God. As He has told us in His Word, "We are wonderfully made................................

He has also given all of us freewill to make choices that glorify and honor Him. How we take care of the body He has blessed us with is up to each one of us. Remember, your body is a "Temple to the Lord".

One of those choices is what we put into our bodies (food, drink, drugs, smoking, etc.). Another one of those choices is what we do with our bodies (exercise, laziness, safety, carelessness, etc.).

How we take care of and use our bodies is part of our testimony to Him and what He means to us. It is part of our stewardship of thanking Him for what He has given to us on our journey here on Earth.

This may all sound idealistic, but think about it. By making us who and what we are, He has allowed and commanded us to do ALL things to His glory! What could be more basic than taking care of the bodies He has specifically blessed us with.

Health, Wellness, and Diet for women over 50

We have all heard the comment, "We are what we eat". 

Diet means "what we eat". It should not refer to a weight loss program. Some people are actually "on a diet" to gain weight.

Everyone's body needs certain nutrients to grow and function properly. All of these nutrients are available through the foods we eat and drink.

However, not all food is best for all people. Diabetics have certain diet restrictions. People with other health issues have diet concerns. Consulting with your physician is always very important when evaluating what you eat and drink.

Assuming you are an average, healthy individual, certain daily diet guidelines are very valuable.

1. Make breakfast and/or lunch your biggest meal.

2. Drink plenty of water; a minimum of 48 oz. is suggested by most dieticians.

3. Restrict your sugar product carbohydrates intake to a minimum.

4. Restrict snacks to no more than twice per day and not at night.

5. Eat more fish and chicken and less red meats.

6. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible.

7. Restrict alcohol consumption to as close to zero you can.

8. Remember that meal size can be as important as meal content.

As you can see, what you eat must be your choice. You must want to eat healthy. If what you want your body to be is truly important to you, you will be successful at eating properly and in a healthy way.

Supplements for women over 50

In addition to healthy eating, my husband, a Registered Pharmacist, recommends also taking some basic supplements to insure that your body receives the daily nutrients needed to function at its best each day.

His suggestions for daily supplements are as follows:

Multiple vitamins plus minerals (ex. Centrum)

Vitamin D, 2,000 units

Calcium Carbonate, 500-600mg.

Vitamin C, 500mg. extended release

Omega-3 Fish Oil, 1,000mg.

Let me emphasize to you again. Consult your physician before making any significant change in your diet, including supplements!

Exercise for women over 50

A similar mindset is required concerning an exercise plan or schedule.

It doesn't have to be exotic or require a trainer, unless you feel that is what you need and want.

Simple stretching exercises or a resistance plan may help dramatically. Walking two to three hours a week may be all you need to get you started in the right direction.

What is most important is to have a plan and stick to it!

Another crucial part of the body to exercise is the brain. In fact, it may be the most significant organ involved to keep you as healthy as possible.

Reading, games, and puzzles are great to exercise the brain. Watching TV is NOT a good exercise! 

Just Do It!

As you can see, health and wellness, nutrients obtained through food and supplements, physical and mental exercise all work together to help make you who you are.

Decide today what you must do to be as healthy as possible. It is up to you. Remember, God will help you be who He has designed you to be. However, you must want to participate in His Divine Nature for you!

Please remember, God doesn't want you be or look perfect. That is not possible. He wants YOU! And He will help you be healthier both physically and spiritually.

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