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Don'tcha just love friendship comments? Especially stories about friendship, because those stories usually hold some very funny escapades -- happenings. YOU know, funny stuff, crazy comments, and plain ol' good times!

Not that very much too secretive happens in West Bend, Wisconsin. It's just, seeds of friendship create a lot of funny stories, and who doesn't like to laugh?

Ahhh -- laughter -- it happens in every one of MY stories about friendship, so here goes:

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Barb, my original Something Sister, and her first husband, Marty came to visit us for a week. You can read all about OUR friendship comments and how our friendship started by going to the Home Page and click on ABOUT US.

It was summer in Wisconsin. People often ask us what we do in summer in Wisconsin and the answer is, "Well, if it falls on the 4th of July, we have a picnic."

No, Wisconsin is a beautiful state, and with its many fabulous lakes, summer is an active time, filled with lots of outdoor fun!

Plus, I like to plan a Themed Vacation: This One Was Terrific Transportation! Of course, we had a:

  • A boat ride
  • A train ride
  • A chauffer-driven limousine ride to downtown Milwaukee for divine dinner and dancing.
  • The guys had a golf-cart ride.
  • And the gals had an intense shopping trip!

The boat ride was on Big Green Lake, a huge inland lake, surrounded by gorgeous
scenery on every side.

The next day, we took a steam-train ride that still functions daily as a remembrance of days-gone-by. One thing Wisconsin has is exceptional natural beauty, so no matter where we were, it was superb scenery. Grand forests and dazzling lakes.

AND -- our answer to prayer -- the weather was wonderful! Dinner downtown was great, too. Limo was a super surprise, even for Tom.

Then it happened. About 10:00 a.m. on the last full day we had together, Barb looked out of the window and just screamed!

What was going on? A huge semi-truck was coming down our dead-end street where we lived, out in the country. It was going ever-so-slowly, and then....stopped right in front of our house!

Barb, being Barb, couldn't stop screaming, "Oh, this takes the cake -- a semi-truck is our grand finale for the week. What a great idea! You guys are the creative! How did you get a semi-truck to give us a ride?"

Well, I looked at Tom, and he looked at me, both shrugging shoulders. We were just as surprised by the truck as Barb was. "Did you get a semi-truck to come here," Tom asked. "No, did you?" "Nope, but we can't pass up this opportunity!"

So Tom went out to the driver, told him our little vacation theme, and asked, "Hey, will you take these two blondes out for a ride in your truck."

"Su-u-r-r-e! I think this is funny! Hop in, gals!"

And we did. In reality, our short bodies had to be hoisted up and into the cab. We were laughing so hard, and joking with the driver. This was absolutely the best and most fun of the whole week!

We blew the horn, we laughed as he made comments about never having two cute blondes in the cab at the same time, and away we went...out on the highway.
Laugh, laugh, laugh! Best vacation much fun....blow that horn again!

Then, the light bulb went on. I jerked my head sideways at Barb, with my eyes open as wide as could be, and alarm written all over my face. We are in a semi- truck with someone we do not know one bit about. Nothing....not even his name!

Now, how do we get out of this truck? And.....back home! A-A-U-G-H!!

FEAR...after all that fun.

"Well, gals, the fun is over," the driver said. My heart started beating faster. Barb was more trusting than me. She wasn't at all worried!

"Our company doesn't really allow us to take passengers, but this was something special for me, too. It's not every day that I get to be a part of someone's vacation."

He politely drove us home, having to take the semi backwards down our entire road because he had had so much trouble getting out the first time, with us in the cab.

I wish I did know his name, I could globally thank him on this website.

This is a real story about friendship with just one more friendship comment: There are Something Brothers as well as Something Sisters.

Oh, about the was a delivery for us.

The Something Sisters riding in a Semi-truck! Who would have thought?

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