About Us - The Something Sisters
How Did Two Zany Blondes Make It Happen?

Part I

How did Something Sisters happen? There really are two stories:

  1. How did Barb and Elaine become Best Friend Sisters?
  2. How did the name "Something Sister" come into being?

So, Let's start at the very beginning -- A really good place to start! (That is from the song, Do Re Mi in The Sound of Music, lest you think I am really a talented writer.)

Barb Harriman and Elaine Kennelly met in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Not far from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. (Don't you love the names? They're for real.)

Wauwatosa is the name of a suburb of Milwaukee. Yes, "Laverne and Shirley" and "Happy Days". There is even a full-size statue of Fonzie in downtown Milwaukee.

Oh, and don't forget Schlitz Brewery- - "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous."

We met, as God had planned all along, at an elementary school. Barb was the second grade teacher, and I was right in the next room as the third grade teacher. Two Peas in a Pod is a very good description! Double Trouble!

We are both short and blond and sorta zany. Yes, we are a lot of fun to be with, plus we can both be kinda loud, so our entire faculty quickly got to know and like the new kids on the staff.

And Barb and I -- well, what can I say -- we quickly became Best Friend Sisters. Neither of us had biological sisters, so there was a very special spark of friendship from the moment we met until now, many years later.

Part II--The Sequel

In 1992, Elaine, and her husband, Tom, moved into a new house in West Bend, Wisconsin. Barb had been living in Southern California for quite some time. But you know how best friends are? We always made it a priority to visit each other.

We were having a "Housewarming Party" and let me tell you, this was quite a house.

The lower level of this new home had a party room, complete with working pinball machines, a glass block and neon bar area, an original Wurlitzer jukebox from the 60's filled with 45 rpm vinyl records, and a black and white checked DANCE FLOOR!

The perfect place for a party, and the Something Sisters liked to have fun.

And, oh, did I mention -- Barb had opened her own dance studio in Tustin, California.
So she came to visit with a special gift for her best friend: my very own pair of tap shoes!

Plus a complete dance routine and music for us to use.

Plus we created cute costumes, with glitter that read, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

The Something Sisters were going to be the entertainment for the party, and we were up to the challenge!

Practice - Practice - and Practice -- and more practice, especially for me. Barb was the dancer and choreographer, but me? I owned a retail Hallmark Gold Crown Store, but I did LOVE to dance.

Tom was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and when the time came for our fantastic performance, here is how Tom announced our dance routine:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would now like to
present.... the
Something Sisters
'cause they are
Really Something!"

So, the Something Sisters were born, and we owe it all to Tom!

P.S. We did a terrific dance routine.....and we really are something!!

P.S.S. SomethingSisters.com is a testimony to Friendship, Faith, Fun for Women over 50 years of age. It's the 20th Birthday of the our name.

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