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Poems about friends were meant to be shared. How sad to read these best friend poems, but have no one to share them with. with all of its articles and poems about friends is meant to be shared with your best friends.

So, please read and pass along! They are copyrighted, so please remember who wrote them. Thanks!

Long-time Friend, Jan, and Fairly New Friend, Angie. Both are very precious to me!

Here is a poem about what is IN a best friend. If you read the first half of every line, you will have a wonderful list of all the qualities of a terrific friend.

I'll give you an example of what I mean:

  1. a friend has character...
  2. a friend is honest...
  3. a friend helps you through...
  4. a friend keeps a secret....

If you are wanting to make new friends, this poem about friends will help you look for just the right qualities.

What's IN A Best Friend?

A friend has character.....and BE one she will be.
A friend is honest.....she tells you "like it is".
A friend helps you through..... whatever you may need.
A friend keeps a's "nobody else's biz!"

A friend likes to be with you.....even tho' she hates to shop.
A friend will celebrate upbeat all the time!
A friend will hold your hand.....when you're afraid of the dark.
A friend will persevere with you.....tho' it's an uphill climb.
A friend will even cry with you.....real tears roll down her cheeks.
A friend will stay with you.....when every person leaves.
A friend will try very hard..... not to disappoint.
A friend always prays with you.....she's down upon her knees.

A friend will freely laugh.....and make your heart laugh, too.
A friend is someone you can trust.....she will not try to hurt.
A friend stays your friend.....thru the good and thru the bad.
A truly special the Something Sister Expert!

Elaine Kennelly

Poems About Friends
Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved

Elaine and Barb sharing smiles and good times through all that life brings!

I wrote the following poem as a gift to my original Something Sister, Barb,
but it can easily be personalized. Just put your best friend's name into the space at the bottom part of the poem.

Poems about friends are not just a gift of words, but a best friend poem is actually a gift of yourself, your heart, your feelings.

That is what makes friendship poems so special!

My Very Best Friend Poem

Some women are just acquaintances;
We know a lot of them at work.
They're pleasant, say "Good Morning";
An office lunch might be a perk.

Acquaintances touch the surface
On the "fringe" of our hearts.
Conversations won't let inner-self
Or honest feelings to impart.

But, with YOU, dear friend,
On the "fringe", you'll never be.
As I think of you, my face lights up,
My mind begins to see
Your lovely face, your sunny smile,
You're everything to me!

I can't help but smile, even giggle.
You put joy on my face!
You're so much life and fun!
I could never YOU replace.

What's so special is our gift of time;
We're friends for many years.
Our history is our testimony,
Together we face our fears.

We've faced fiery trials and tragic pain,
Divorce, disease and death.
Together, we find our strength and hope.
In Christ we trust-- until our final breath.

It is the honest truth -- you are now a part of me.
You are my sunshine, and my best friend, too.
You are my eyes that see the world
From a cheerful point of view.

Together, we've brought joy into each other's lives.
The laughing and the dancing,
and shopping for the "bling."
The stories we have woven --
We haven't missed a thing!

And so dear_____________, make no mistake, I have to tell you now.
You're my Friend, my Something Sister,
the Best Friend of them all!

Elaine Kennelly

Poems About Friends
Copyright 2012 by Elaine Kennelly. All rights reserved.

Best Friend Poems

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