Poems On Friendship
- Gifts for Your Friends -

If you're looking for poems on friendship, that means you have some Best Friends. And that means, you are blessed!

A Best Friend Sister is what we call a Something Sister. What I like to do with my Something Sisters is to give them gifts -- best friends poems which are a gift from my heart and my pen.

Now, I am going to share my poems on friendship with you. Then you can give them as gifts to YOUR best friends.

That's what I call, The Circle of Friendship, and it is my sincere hope for these best friends poems to go around the world!

Here is proof that you can have FUN at work! Starting top Left,clockwise, here is Janet, Christine, Diana and Rachael. We are all Realtors with Keller Williams Realty in Huntsville. In fact, Christine and I were instrumental in opening the first Keller Williams in the state of Alabama.

On Being a Friend

If we were totally honest, in our life there's been a trail

Of women we thought were friends, yet friendship did not prevail.

Why do some friendships work, while others fall apart and fail?

When expectations hold no reality, our friendships are fragile and frail.

Expectations are the enemy; they are always set too high.

We want our friends to meet our needs; when they can't, we wonder why.

Being a friend is not a set of rules that we must put in place.

It is a process of give and take; it's the journey we must embrace.

When making a Forever Friend, don't look for perfect living.

Don't expect to receive at all; the joy is in the giving.

The answer is in Relationship -- in love and faith and trust.

That's what makes a friendship last -- faithful giving is a must.

But there are those who only take, and never give at all.

Don't waste time or emotions; their heart is just too small.

Find friends who bring you joy; where together you can laugh.

Winnow out the good ones, and throw away the chaff!

Elaine Kennelly

Poems on Friendship
Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved.

A Forever Friend

It takes a life-long effort
To have a Forever Friend,
But you will see and truly have
Rich blessings.....
If you stay until the end.

A Friendship is a give and take.
Sometimes you really have to bend.
Don't be rigid, give when needed ,
In words and time.....
And stay until the end.

Forever is a long, long time,
A relationship to tend,
But you will have firm support
And loving care.....
If you stay until the end.

What happens many times is this:
We give up on our Forever Friend.
We're easily offended, think of self
And leave.....
Before it is the end.

Don't give up! And never quit!
Your relationship you must mend.
And if you do, you'll have a
Friend Forever 'cause you.....
stayed until the end.

YOU are my Forever Friend,
Your love is not pretend.
You give and share and always care.
You're for real.....
and I'll love you 'til the end.

Elaine Kennelly

Poems on Friendship
Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved.

My sweet Something Sisters. Friendships need to perservere!

Tend your best friend friendships. Mend your best friend friendships....and make sure you stay until the end.

I can tell you from my own life experiences, the sweetest, most precious friendships I have are the ones where I invest time and love and patience.

It works, and it's worth every bit of effort!

Church friends are great friends! To the left is Jan. Beth is on the right. Both are Super Something Sisters. Praying for each other is an important part of our friendship.

Here is another poem on friendship:

A Forever Friend

How do you get a friend that's forever?
That's easy -- You never quit.
You never give up. Instead, you always hang-in.

How do you get a friend that's forever?
That's easy -- You never hate.
You're never lukewarm. Instead, you love from within.

How do you get a friend that's forever?
That easy -- You always have fun.
You never complain. Instead, you smile and grin.

How do you get a friend that's forever?
That's easy -- You schedule time.
You never forget. Instead, you "pen" them in.

How do you get a friend that's forever?
That's easy -- You always forgive.
You never get bitter. Instead, you "let-go".

Now that's certainly win/win!

Elaine Kennelly

Poems on Friendship
Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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