Short Friendship Poems
Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face!

Surprise! Here we are some short friendship poems! Ah-h-h. I am just beginning to get warmed up and ready to go for this time around.

I hope you are enjoying reading these poems as much as I am enjoying getting my thoughts down on paper. I have so many wonderful friends!

Now, think about your friendships. Think about all the friends at work, or at a club you belong to, or perhaps one of your neighbors is a best friend.
Could you send a poem about friends to brighten up her day?

Here's my PLAN:

  1. Buy one of those monster cookies, I mean, BIG cookies.
  2. Wrap up or put in a colorful, fun-looking gift bag.
  3. Type up one of these poems and print out at home. If you have nice penmanship, use cursive on a pretty piece of paper. Hand-written means so much these days!
  4. Attach the poem to the gift bag, or put in a greeting card. VOILA!!
  5. Deliver to your friend at work, church, neighborhood, fitness club.
  6. You have just delivered a gift of love, thanks, cheerfulness and blessing to your good friend, your Something Sister!

To My Bestest Friend

I love you, dear friend, and I want you to know.
You're a treasure, and my memories of you flow.
Right from my head to my heart, down to my toes.
You're a special gem with laughter and zest.
Among all my friends, I like you the best!

Elaine Kennelly

FUN, FUN! LAUGH, LAUGH! These zany blondes follow the Path

of Humor, and Giggles. THEY LOVE TO LAUGH!

Here's one more -- short friendship poem. Now that does not mean a short person wrote it!!

A Best Friend Poem

Friendship is my gift to you.
I'm sending my Love your way.
You mean so very much to me
May that bring you joy today!

Elaine Kennelly

Perhaps you need to mend a friendship. Here is a short friendship poem that adds forgiveness.

Friendship is my gift to you.
I'm sending forgiveness your way.
Already your slate is clean,
May that bring you peace today

You can use this short poem and tailor it to meet your needs. Here's what I mean:

Friendship is my gift to you.
I'm sending __________ your way.
You mean so very much to me
May ____________ bring you ___________ today.

Maybe your yard has some beautiful flowers growing and you picked some for your best friend. Here is how you could use this short friendship poem:

Friendship is my gift to you.
I'm sending flowers your way.
You mean so very much to me
May flowers make you smile today!

Elaine Kennelly

Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Dear Something Sisters, here is a short friendship poem that I did not write, but I am including it here because I like it!

From time to time, we will have poems about friends that were composed by other readers of our website, or even like this one, it's anonymous.

Tribute To Friendship

I love you, not only for what you are,
But for what I am when I am with you;
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself,
But for what you are making of me.

I love you not for closing your ears to the discord in me,
But for adding to the music in me by worshipful listening;
You have done it without a touch, without a word,
without a sign.

Perhaps that is what being a friend means, after all.

Author Unknown

Here's another short poem that you could personalize. Just change the underlined word and put in the word that matches you and your great friend.

To Betty, My Friend

Thank you, Dear Friend Betty
For sharing yourself with me.
We started as clients -- now we are friends;
What a pleasant place to be!

We share lives and stories from our past;
Grieve loved ones we have lost.
We pray together, hands held close,
Receive forgiveness -- Christ paid the cost.

We really are more like sisters;
Share secrets and giggles, too.
We just love to get together!
Betty, I know I'll always love you.

Elaine Kennelly

Copyright by Elaine Kennelly 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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